Aurora Integrative Wellness Studio – Holistic Health & Healing Center – Alternative Health Solutions Offers Natural Health Building & Re-Building Healing Alternatives. Services are Science based, relying on measures of  Physics & Calculas Methodology as relating to each Individuals Internal Terrain Environment. I offer many diverse natural healing modalities, with applications  based upon increasing the vital force within the body via by Balancing the Bodies Neurological & Nutritional Terrain Functioning Systems within the body. As a  Specialist in Health & Wellness education,  services with emphasis regarding Nutrition & Lifestyle changes are also offered in brining about Homeostasis or Balanced Health whether current health challenges are recent or chronic or have been experienced long term. I enjoy providing positive health experiences and wellness homeostasis outcome services to clients facing any health imbalance(s).

As a Board Certified Dr Natural Health, Certified Traditional Naturopath, Certified Holistic Health Professional, Licensed Eccelsiastical Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Health Coach, Iridologist & Nutritional Consultant,  I am passionate about assisting clients in achieving their Best Balanced Health Status. Whether goals are in overcoming bodily system weaknesses, pursuing to rebuild or recover from an imbalanced health illness state or seeking help with a current or past health challenge, or you simply have a passionate goal or interest in improving your personal health and wellbeing status. I’m here to test, educate, encourage, assist and support clients in pursuing positive health choices.

Aurora Integrative Wellness Studio – Holistic Health & Healing Center – Alternative Health Solutions, accepts all ages, Pre-Fertility thru Geriatrics; with all Health Challenges.

Services are provided with focus on Preventative and Proactive Wellness Health Assessment Testing and Dietary & Lifestyle Education as well as Health Risk Assessment. Specializing In Detoxification, Healthy Integrative Cellular Activity & Supporting Balanced DNA Functioning and Optimal DNA Signaling Development.

Services range and applications include: Nutritional & Functional Endocrinology Individualized Assessment Testing, RBTI- Internal Terrain Testing, BioMeridian Testing, Muscle Response Testing & Reflex Nutrition Testing & The Applied Appropriate Modalities in Balancing The Internal Terrain of the Body, Mind & Spirit. We also offer Thermography Consult Services, Cellular Energy Regeneration, Full Body Rejuvenation, iMRS (PEMF) & BioElectric Pain Mgmt Massage & Electric Acupressure Sessions, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Testing, Iridology, Homeopathy,  pH Balancing, Heart Sound Recorder Scanning, Ion Detox Foot Baths, Dietary, Herbal & Supplement Consultations, Bach Flower Remedy Consultations, as well as many other FDA Approved, Proven, Safe & Effective; Non-Invasive Methods. We Use FDA Approved Technologies. Alternative Natural Healing Modalities are my Specialty and Expertise. Please Refer To Our Services Menu For Further Assistance & Pricing.

For Consultative Sessions and/or other Service Scheduling of Appointments; or to Inquire Regarding Health Insurance Reimbursement, Health Savings Account Coverages or Payment Plans, Call (720) 627-7147

Circulation Is Health;  Stagnation Is Death

“My People Perish From Lack of Knowledge”…………………..Hosea 4:6

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine & Medicine Be Thy Food”………Hippocrates

“Live, Love, Learn & Leave A Legacy”

“All Living Tissues Are Compounds of Mother Nature Patents; Natural Living Elements Which Are Comprised Energies Obtained Through Nourishment”

ChristyLee, DNM, CHHP, MH, ID, NC

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Functional Nutrition Specialist

Biological Terrain Expert