• Initial Assessment Consultation (1.5hrs)$185, (2hrs)$225, (3hrs)$325 – Consultation Times are Based Upon Health Needs.
  • TeleHealth Consultations (30min)$75, (1hr)$125
  • Consecutive Follow Up Visits (1hr) $75
  • BioElectric Massage & Pain Relief Electro Acupressure $125(1hr), (1.5hrs)$155, (2hrs)$175
  • DNA Cellular REAMS pH Testing  $80
  • Functional Nutrition BioMeridian Assessment Testing $65
  • Iridology Analysis Screening (basic) $85
  • Tissue Mineral Analysis (hair) $99
  • AquaVida Ionic Foot Detox (30min) $45, (45min) $50, (1hr) $65
  • iMRS E-Pulse Regeneration $120 (Includes 3 Frequency Settings)
  • Medical Records & Lab Testing Results Review $110
  • For Other Services: *Please Inquire Specific, as fee schedules are based on the service time scales.
  • House & Office (Offsite) Services = An Additional Travel Fee $35 each visit.
  • Individualized Suppliment Holistic Health “CARE KITS” Includes 8 Herbal/Vitamin/Mineral Products $68
  • Bach Flower Remedies Potions, Essential Oil Blends,& Natural-NonToxic Heath & Beauty Products On Site $15+
  • NOTE: For Your First Initial Consultation, Please Bring With You A List (or product container(s) Of The Following Information: Nutritional Supplements & Pharmaceutical Medications; Including Dosage Schedule, along with the Manufacturer &/or Brand Name(s) of what you currently take.These provide to be helpful in assisting in your full nutritional review assessment screening result, and are an included part of your consultation.
    Aurora Integrative Wellness – Holistic Health & Healing Center – Alternative Health Solutions is looking forward to meeting with you and providing you the valuable nutritional information in assisting you in your efforts in achieving your personal best health status thru optimal health balancing, as well as attaining your optimum homeostatis health goals.
  • PLEASE BE ADVISED of Aurora Integrative Wellness –  Holistic Health & Healing Centers Wellness Financial Cancellation Policy: Should It Be Necessary to Cancel or Re-Schedule Appointments, these Require a Minimum 24hr Notification. An incidental fee of $50.00, up to the Full Appointment Charge will be applied for Non-Policy Compliance or Prior Notification of such as listed above.

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