Aurora Integrative Wellness Offers Natural & Nutritional Health Education, Supports and Coaches Clients Regarding A Specific Personal Targeted Nutritional Needed Requirement Plan And The Necessary Biological Terrain Keys Assisting And Facilitating Persons In Unlocking Their Bodies Goal In Achievement To Better And Improved Optimum Health Wellness.

The Newly Expanded Business Provides An Array of Services, Many of Which Hold In Accord Within The Basis of Holistic Approaches (Wholistic- A Holistic Investigation or System of Therapies). The Theory That Living Matter or Reality Is Made Up of Organic or “UNIFIED WHOLES” That Are “GREATER” Than The Simple Sum of Their Parts)

Our Holistic Health & Healing Studio Offers A Whole Biological Body System Balancing Approach. Current Services Being Offered To Clients, Including Are Such Services (however, these services are not limited to):

*Private and Family Nutritional Consulting Appointments *Scientific “Navigation-To- Health” BioMeridian DiagnosticTest Scanning/Calculates & Assesses at 98.7% Rate Accuracy Clients Overall Complete Whole Health Profile & Provides Informational Data of Which Nutrients and Supplementation Are Vital Specific Requested Via Best In Assisting and Encouraging The Bodies Response In Activating The Natural Healing Process. Consultations may vary upon via Individual Current Health Status, Therefore Any/All of the following Directives may be Indicated:

  • BioMeridian Functional Cellular Health Assessments
  • BioElectric & ElectroAcupressure Pain Relief Massage 
  • Indivdualized Detoxification Plans
  • Customized Dietary Plans
  • Iridology
  • Muscle Response Testing – Kinesiology
  • Hair, Skin,Tongue & Nail Analysis
  • REAMS pH Balancing Testing
  • Supplementation Consulting
  • Personalized Natural Supplement & Herbal Compounding
  • Bach Flower Essence Therapy
  • Homeopathic Remedies Consultations
  • AquaVida Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification
  • Aroma Therapy/ BlondeSqaw Essential Oils
  • BioPhotonic Antioxidant Level Scanning
  • Mineral & Trace Mineral Hair Analysis
  • Life Extension & Medical Records Clinical Data Review
  • iMRS (pulsated electro-magnetic)Resonance Therapy
  • Thermography Consultations
  • Physiological, Emotional & Spiritual Re-Balancing

Corporate & Hospital Medical Facilities, as well as Public Speaking Health Education Seminars Are Also Offered.

ChristyLee, BCDNM is Familiar, Highly Experienced, and Has Obtained The Certified Educated Knowledge In Serving Clients Personal Individual Profile Needs Pertaining To All Aspects of Health Concerns. She Accepts All Ages Ranging From PreFertility-PreBirth-PostFertility-NewBorn To Geriatric. As a Certified Natural Health Care Professional & Nutritional Wellness Consultant, She Provides Complimentary Functional Nutritional Medicine; Eastern Natural Alternative Health Therapies In Conjunction With Her American Western Health Care Training Certifications. She Feels Blessed In Sharing Her Vast Knowledge & Facilitating Others In Attaining Their Best Balanced Optimal Health.

ChristyLee, DNM, CHHP, MH, ID, NC

Agape Holistic Health Studio

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Functional Nutrition Specialist

Biological Terrain Expert